About Us

What makes us different?

Mainly the fact we are so specialised…

We focused on creating the best conditions for the production of an ideal Classical piano recording.

In spite of the fact that we also record other instruments professionally, like strings and winds, the piano remains the king of our studio.

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2-Hour Recording Session at WKMT LONDON

Capture Your Music with Professional Quality

Experience the thrill of recording your music on a Yamaha C3 grand piano in our London-based professional studio.

Our two-hour recording package offers you the chance to capture your performance with high-quality sound in a comfortable and inspiring environment.

Kickstart your recording journey with our two-hour package. Should you require more time, we offer the flexibility to extend your session up to five hours in a single day, subject to an additional fee. At WKMT, we’re committed to accommodating your needs for a smooth recording experience.

Make your music heard the way it deserves with WKMT.

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London Recording

16-Hour Recording Residency at WKMT SPAIN

All-Inclusive Music Creation Retreat

Immerse yourself in a musical haven with our all-inclusive recording residency. Enjoy comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, and 16 hours of recording time over two days in our classical music studio featuring a Yamaha C7.

This is more than just a recording session – it’s an opportunity to live and breathe music in a dedicated, inspiring environment.

Experience the perfect blend of creativity, comfort, and professional recording facilities with our comprehensive package.

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Spain Recording Sessions

The Best Equipment


Reasonably the best possible microphones to record  our Yamaha C3

Fantastic and Professional Edition

We are expert audio and video editors. We know how to portray the best of your performance.


Our piano recording studio is equipped to record your live concert! Both in audio and video.

your sound

What equipment do we use?

Only the best!

Our microphones are carefully chosen to be the ideal ones, not only to record piano, but also to record the specific piano we have at the studio.

The Audix SC25A-PCS are designed to capture piano’s whole body of sound. These large diaphragm condensers are up inside the heart of the instrument guaranteeing the maximum sound absorption enhanced by the perfect insulation.

Editing and Mastering

Your recording will be taken care by professionals. Our director and his assistant Thomas Rickerby are resourceful and highly skilled sound engineers.

Want to know why we think we are the right piano recording studio for you?

Editing piano tracks to match the taste and expectations of Classical and Jazz performers requires knowledge and experience. At WKMT your track can be edited by a concert pianist. Maestro Juan Rezzuto knows very well how your track should sound and is trained to understand your expectations up to the tiniest of details.

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