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  • 23 Feb 2024

    Our Next London Musical Appearance

    Our Next London Musical Appearance

    On May 11th, 2024, the XII London Piano Festivals at St Cuthbert’s Church, SW5 9EB, London, offers a unique vantage point into the intricate world of music production and technical proficiency behind classical piano performances. Hosted by WKMT, this event not only showcases the exceptional talents of our pianists but also highlights the sophisticated technical and production elements that elevate live music to an art form.

    For enthusiasts of the technical side of music, this festival serves as a live case study in the art of sound engineering, acoustics, and performance technology. The historic St Cuthbert’s Church, with its remarkable acoustics and architectural beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for exploring how venue selection plays a crucial role in the quality of live sound. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the meticulous setup required to capture the nuanced dynamics of classical piano, from microphone placement to sound mixing, ensuring that each note reaches the audience with clarity and depth.

    The festival’s lineup, featuring both young and adult performers, offers a broad spectrum of piano repertoire, challenging our technical team to adapt to the diverse demands of each piece. From the delicate subtleties of a Chopin nocturne to the robust intensity of a Beethoven sonata, the production team’s expertise in sound balance and enhancement is key to delivering a performance that is both authentic and impactful.

    Moreover, the WKMT London Piano Festivals is an excellent opportunity for those interested in the production side of music to observe how lighting and stage design contribute to the overall concert experience. The visual aspect of the performance, carefully curated to complement the music, adds an additional layer of immersion, creating an environment that captivates and moves the audience.

    This event is a testament to the collaborative effort between musicians and technical professionals, showcasing how technical excellence supports and amplifies musical artistry. For students and professionals alike, the festival offers valuable insights into the complexities of live music production, from the initial planning stages to the final performance.

    We invite music production enthusiasts, sound engineers, and anyone with a keen interest in the behind-the-scenes aspects of music performance to join us at the XII London Piano Festivals. This is a rare opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the technical craftsmanship that goes into producing a live classical music event, celebrating the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to bring the beauty of piano music to life.

    Join us, on Our Next London Musical Appearance, for a day of exceptional music and technical exploration, where artistry meets precision in the heart of London’s classical music scene.

  • 04 Mar 2023

    London Piano Festivals by WKMT- Recording Session in June

    WKMT, a music school based in London, is organizing a music festival on June 10th, 2023. The festival is a great opportunity for students of all ages and skill levels to showcase their musical talents and participate in a lively and supportive musical community.

    Playing an instrument is a wonderful way to enhance one’s cognitive skills, improve physical coordination, and boost confidence and self-esteem. Music has a calming effect on the mind, and learning to play an instrument can be a form of meditation that helps relieve stress. Studies have shown that children who learn to play an instrument perform better in academic subjects like math, science, and reading.

    The benefits of playing an instrument are numerous, and the WKMT music festival is a fantastic opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills and hard work. The festival provides a supportive and encouraging environment that can help students overcome stage fright and build confidence. It’s also a fun and enjoyable way to express oneself creatively and create lasting memories.

    The WKMT music festival is open to students of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced musicians. The festival will include solo performances, ensemble performances, and masterclasses with renowned musicians. It’s a great opportunity for students to receive feedback from experts in the field and learn from their peers.

    Overall, the WKMT music festival is a great way to celebrate the joy and benefits of playing an instrument. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, the festival provides a welcoming and inspiring environment to share your love of music and connect with other like-minded individuals.


    The team of Piano Recording Studio London will be gladly helping these students with their performance recorded. Happy to support arts and music scene, throughout visual and audio arts.

  • 02 Apr 2021

    Should We Use Sustain Pedals for Baroque Pieces Recordings?

    Should we use sustain pedals for Baroque pieces?

    PRSLondon brings you a great piece of advise for those lovers of Baroque music recordings!

    When piano students gain more experience with the piano and start to inquire about a more specific stylistic approach for the pieces they are studying, piano teachers should be prepared to answer this question, as the answer is far from simple. Never the truth regarding the addition of not of the sustain pedal that we know very well adapted for romantic and modern pieces should be introduced in the Baroque and Classical era pieces or not.

    The sustain pedal is one of the most characteristic features of the modern piano.

    Still, in the case of the pieces composed the Romantic period, this concept was totally foreign and impossible.

    The two ancestors of the modern piano are first, the harpsichord, which mechanical essence is totally different from the former; and the fortepiano, or also called firstly:”gravicembalo col piano e forte ” built by Cristofori in 1709.

    Both instruments didn’t have any sustain pedals, so the music that was created to be played on them adapted to the instrument, but that is a half-truth, as we can see that during Bach’s years had spanned from 1685 to 1750. Through most of these years, we can see clearly the possibility of using sustain in pieces had existed in his lifetime. In Bach’s time, creating a seamless legato on keyboards and organ was solely dependent on the fingers. Nevertheless, there was a pedal keyboard that could be attached to the clavichord or harpsichord. 


    We can see that although the pedal itself didn’t exist, the idea of binding notes and chord did exist and we can take advantage of it with the modern piano and take the pieces of a bygone era and “upgrade” them to another completely higher level of performance and audition.

    Learn also all about the history of piano with WKMT’s latest post.

  • 15 Jan 2021

    Music Technology: MIDI KEYBOARDS

    Nowadays, and more than ever, musicians have to keep up with rapid changes in technology. If we compare technology to 5 years ago, the number of new gadgets and devices is mesmerising.

    MIDI Keyboards are especially useful for piano students who may not have a piano to practice during the lock-down. Many piano teachers and their students have to carry on their lessons remotely.

    MIDI keyboards are also useful for composers and music producers as they allow input notes and creating their music virtually.

    Within the virtual keyboards, we have many available that can quickly adapt their capabilities to different musical needs.

    The virtual keyboards come in different forms:

    • A touch- screen keyboard that lays out on the device’s screen
    • A Projected Keyboard (can be projected to any flat surface)
    • On Augmented Reality

    One of the best tools for pianists and composer is the virtual keyboard: A virtual Keyboard can also work as a piano that is operated by a computer and signal flow. It works as an acoustic piano. However, instead of operating on the acoustic ambience, it works electronically.

    You can also find apps which allow practising or creating music from a mobile phone or tablet; this is especially handy for trips or holidays.

    Another virtual keyboard is the VST that has been in the music production world for many years now. It is an audio plugin software that works as a virtual keyboard; it is mainly used by composers because its components allow the user to change and edit the sound.

    Another useful virtual keyboard is the MIDI keyboard that started on the 80’s and now is the most common tool for music producers to introduce the notes accurately, including dynamics and articulation in any music editing software.

    Other keyboards are related to DAW, but in this case, is a pure sound signal instead.

    Learn all about the different Online keyboards by clicking on the link aforementioned. WKMT explain it in depth for us!

  • 27 Oct 2020

    A New Way to Record Classical Music

    A New Way to Record Classical Music

    Hi everyone, we are back with exciting news!

    The link above talks about our next project in London. Well, no London exactly, because due to this Coronavirus situation, everything moved onto online ways. And now, everyone is around the globe, but we still remain close to what we love and what we know.

    Challenging times for everyone. Times in which we need to stand stronger than ever, and continue doing all the things we love. Obviously the way for many of them changed, via online, but still we can enjoy the same outcome. We had to get used to the online process, and leave face to face ways, which is not easy, but we have no choice for the time being. Also it means a lot for professionals to count on the usual students/clients, even more right now. Tough times that we need to get on in order to be able to continue with our daily routine and lives. So thank you from our team to all those who remained via online. You mean a lot to us, and for sure, to all professionals who helped you and you helped during this pandemic.

    This time, we bring an example of this help. WKMT Has organized their next edition of Piano Festivals, which used to be in a London music venue, but obviously. due to these circumstances, they will do it online as they did in June this year.

    So this time, we would like to offer our help to the team and be able to host on Zoom the full recitals and record it to publish it later. WKMT kept all their staff employed during Covid-19, that way they could get on with their work and students could keep up with their piano studies. And the final aim is the festival that way they can put in practice what the learnt during these last months. So there we will be too, helping each other is the best way to fight this virus’ consequences.

    Watch them playing online on the link aforementioned on the 28.11.2020 from 4pm.

  • 29 Aug 2020

    “Rain on Me” Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. A closer look

    Piano and Music Production students enjoy immensely discovering new music through composers of Classical, Baroque and Romantic period as this is music that they mostly haven’t had any prior contact. Still, at the same time, there is lots of current music they like, and sometimes this takes them to enquiry about it, about “how is made”, about the musical aspect of it. 

    As music tutors, we are not qualified to bring any answers to them as our training is through music from a bygone era. 

    Even though the expression of this music is very distant from a Mozart Sonata or a Beethoven’s rondeau, the connection that can provide with music is useful for our students.

    To fulfil our student’s expectations regarding the making and the “behind the scenes” of new music, nobody is better than our Music Production teacher and Sound Engineer at Piano Recording Studios London: Tom Rickerby.

    He has thoroughly made a complete analysis of the song “Rain”, performed firstly by Lady Gaga and later by the great singer, Ariana Grande.

    In his article he goes step by step, explaining every single layer of the song, explaining in detail the effects applied either to the vocals and the instruments as well, showing a great craft from the part of the producers of this song.

    Another important aspect is to detect the form of this music, as we tend to enjoy the rhythm or the lyrics, but unveiling the structure also helps to develop an acute musical ear that can be applied to any music we like.

    To penetrate the inner layers of the music gives us a deeper understanding of the whole meaning of the song, not only focusing our attention to the catchy chorus or the rhythmic bassline, there much more things to pay attention to in one single track as in a Symphony. After all, is all music!

    Read the full analysis. This is specially designed for those interested in how music works, from music production perspective. Do not miss this series of articles with WKMT.

  • 21 Apr 2020

    Upcoming projects in London

    This year 2020 is being, by far, the most difficult year for the musicians community. Covid-19 hit Europe, and with it, hit us as well quite hard.

    Musicians along Europe are trying to get on doing online lessons, which is quite fine. There is always a way to go on, while we do what we like.

    However, for piano recording sessions and music production services, online way is not possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide our services, and keep on going with our scheduled activities any longer. At least until this situation gets sorted.

    Piano Recording sessions need, indeed, to be in site. So we are now working on promotion, advertisement as well as organizing new activities for when this is over. Hopefully, this should be back to normal by the end of May, so we are very looking forward to it.

    In the meantime, we have breaking news!

    Joseph Haydn piano concerto in London by WKMT

    WKMT is now preparing their first classical concert of the year 2020 for their musicians and students. And we will be in charge of the recording session.

    Maestro Juan Rezzuto and the group of musicians at WKMT (LAO) will be the ones making us enjoy this beautiful music ever written by the genius Haydn.

    Hopefully, by then, October 3rd, we are all back to normal again, and we can, indeed, go ahead with the concert. This concert is a signal of hope, and ray of light at the end of the tunel for us all.

    So, that is what we are into now. Preparing the ultimate equipment and some new stuff to make the best out of this recording concert.

    Do not hesitate to book your tickets and tell the team at WKMT you come from us and they will do a special discount.

  • 13 Apr 2020

    Supporting our Glasgow colleagues

    This URL above is the new website launched by WKMT for its studios in the Scottish land.

    WKMT London Piano Studios has now landed in Glasgow with one intention: Recruiting piano tutors and make them part of our team. Being able to be accredited piano tutors by WKMT and all what that means.

    A huge offer to performing activities to improve their portfolio, musical events to attend to as part of the team in London and Glasgow, organising musical events in the Scottish capital, being the main leaders in the town as well as the image of WKMT over there.

    Also they will be invited to the piano masterclasses organised, and our Scaramuzza piano technique meetups in which they will learn the proper technique we always teach our students.

    For this and more, this website will be the main platform to which all piano tutors could subscribe and join from now on.

    In case you would like to get access to more students in your area, while belonging to a team of professionals and experienced team in London for more than ten years, with all they have to offer to you, do not hesitate to contact them and start your adventure with WKMT.

    On our side, as a leader piano recording studio in London, we will be in charge of recording performances of these new subscribers and members of the team, as well as being in Glasgow once the festivals and concerts are finally organised and we can record them all.

    On another note, during this Covid-19, in case you are under lockdown looking for something to spend your precious time on, do not hesitate to start learning piano online.

  • 18 Feb 2020

    Learn how to get the best out of your next recording session

    Top 10 Tips for Recording Piano

    Piano Recording Studio London brings a new post which has been recently published on WKMT Blog. In which you will learn the top tips for your next grand piano recording session.

    Thomas Rickerby, our Sound Engineer and Music Producer

    The person in charge of the main events in which we take part, and also the ones organised by WKMT London piano studios. The person in charge of the audio recording and set-up of the recording sessions, either in the studios and in the venues where we record.

    He has written from his own perspective for all those students of advanced level and professional who are planning to record themselves on a grand piano.

    People who never had the chance to be recorded for them to better understand how it works and what they should do and know beforehand.

    Written for all those new on this matter

    When you book a recording session in London you book for the venue or studio, as well as the professionals who are in charge.

    It is not usually very easy to afford in terms of prices and budget, so it would be better for you to have it all ready beforehand and go to the recording knowing how it works and what to do.

    That way, you would get the best out of your performance for your recording. Obviously you will have time to repeat sections and passages until you get them the way you like, but being confident with the process and the way you should work on it, it would help you to go through in a successful and easier way.

    Focusing on playing the piece (s) properly, and not being distracted with other tasks.

    This way you can organize yourself before the session, with the right procedures and practice, and play the piece or pieces the best way possible.

    Clicking on the link aforementioned…

    With the real title of the full article, you will access to it that way you could understand his ideas and the tips listed from one to ten. You will also be able to watch some videos recorded by ourselves at WKMT Studios.

    Overall, try to relax and enjoy the moment!

    Haydn piano concerto Hob XVIII 4 played by Juan Rezzuto in London in 2019
    Recorded by us, audio and video
  • 19 Nov 2019

    Recording Mozart and Joseph Haydn famous concertos

    Classical concerts by WKMT

    Dear followers, this is a note to let you know that this concert has been cancelled. As we are going through crowd-avoidance due to the coronavirus, we decided to cancel this concert until further notice.

    We will let you know as soon as we organize the next date.

    Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

    PRSL Team,

    Piano Recording Studio London has been called to record a new concert in March 2020. The first project in the new year 2020.

    From 6.30 pm, in the usual WKMT concert venue, St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court, London.

    We are still recovering from the Music Festival that happened on 23rd November 2019 by WKMT. In which all the students will be performing their best pieces in front of the audience. It was such a success since it was only for selected students, and they managed to fit fifty performers in the programme.

    It was indeed a great experience as always. In case you haven’t been in any before, it is the busiest event for the studio. This is part of the famous piano programme proposed by the famous studio for their students taking piano lessons for beginners and advanced level too. It is such a great opportunity for all those willing to play in front of an audience, and experience what it really means, what you can really feel when playing for someone or in an event such as this. It is an experience that you will never forget.

    But we are here to talk about a different matter. About a great music event happening in London on March 28th. So well, there we will be. We will be in the same place thanks to the piano studio which allows us to do what we love.

    What is the concert?

    Well, this time, they have designed such an interesting programme in which Haydn and Mozart will be “gathered”.

    • W.A. Mozart – Violin concerto Number 1

    Paola Delucchi + WKMT Ensemble

    • J. Haydn – Piano concerto Number 7 from Hoboken XVIII

    Juan Rezzuto + WKMT Ensemble

    It looks like a very interesting programme since two of the most famous concerts by these two Maestros will be played for the audience. Also, these two professional musicians won’t disappoint us at all. We are sure of it.

    We are now working in the mixing and edition of the last concert of Juan Rezzuto and Paola Delucchi, the famous double piano and violin concerto of Joseph Haydn too.

    Such a beautiful concert played by a first violin, the piano, plus three more violins, one cello, one viola and one double bass. It sounded absolutely pretty. Can’t wait to post it to make you all witness of it.

    In case you are looking for a classical concert beginning of 2020, do not hesitate and join us on the 28th. You will fall in love with this concert.