Wonderful recording session with Andrew Gellert

Wonderful recording session at wkmt


Wonderful recording session – Last week we had the chance to work with a wonderful pianist, Andrew Gellert. We have worked together in the past, recording several repertoire pieces and one contemporary work by a British composer.

This time he applied all his doctor skills to the set-up of two rather challenging piano pieces: Brahms Intermezzo Op. 118 No. 2 and Capriccio Op. 116 No. 3. It was wonderful too see how much attention to the detail was invested in learning this pieces. Most importantly, how respectful was Andrew’s approach in relation to their interpretation.

Working on the sound editing with Andrew is always a pleasure. His attention to detail, his concern about reflecting the musical message embedded in the score and his strong self-criticism turn our editing into deep musical analysis sessions.

The results achieved with the Intermezzo and the Capriccio are both rewarding and inspiring. These two recordings represent the triumph of hard work and perseverance.

We are looking forward to see Andrew making many more wonderful recordings at The London Piano Studio, through WKMT.


On the meantime we have selected two extracts to share with our prospect secessionists. Enjoy!

Brahms Capriccio Op. 116 No 3