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  • 23 Feb 2024

    Our Next London Musical Appearance

    Our Next London Musical Appearance

    On May 11th, 2024, the XII London Piano Festivals at St Cuthbert’s Church, SW5 9EB, London, offers a unique vantage point into the intricate world of music production and technical proficiency behind classical piano performances. Hosted by WKMT, this event not only showcases the exceptional talents of our pianists but also […]

  • 02 Apr 2021

    Should We Use Sustain Pedals for Baroque Pieces Recordings?

    Should we use sustain pedals for Baroque pieces?


    PRSLondon brings you a great piece of advise for those lovers of Baroque music recordings!

    When piano students gain more experience with the piano and start to inquire about a more specific stylistic approach for the pieces they are studying, piano teachers should be prepared to answer this question, […]

  • 15 Jan 2021

    Music Technology: MIDI KEYBOARDS

    Nowadays, and more than ever, musicians have to keep up with rapid changes in technology. If we compare technology to 5 years ago, the number of new gadgets and devices is mesmerising.

    MIDI Keyboards are especially useful for piano students who may not have a piano to practice during the lock-down. Many piano teachers and their students have to carry […]

  • 27 Oct 2020

    A New Way to Record Classical Music

    A New Way to Record Classical Music


    Hi everyone, we are back with exciting news!

    The link above talks about our next project in London. Well, no London exactly, because due to this Coronavirus situation, everything moved onto online ways. And now, everyone is around the globe, but we still remain close to what we love and […]

  • 29 Aug 2020

    “Rain on Me” Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. A closer look


    Piano and Music Production students enjoy immensely discovering new music through composers of Classical, Baroque and Romantic period as this is music that they mostly haven’t had any prior contact. Still, at the same time, there is lots of current music they like, and sometimes this takes them to enquiry about it, about “how is […]

  • 21 Apr 2020

    Upcoming projects in London

    This year 2020 is being, by far, the most difficult year for the musicians community. Covid-19 hit Europe, and with it, hit us as well quite hard.

    Musicians along Europe are trying to get on doing online lessons, which is quite fine. There is always a way to go on, while we do what we like. […]

  • 13 Apr 2020

    Supporting our Glasgow colleagues


    This URL above is the new website launched by WKMT for its studios in the Scottish land.

    WKMT London Piano Studios has now landed in Glasgow with one intention: Recruiting piano tutors and make them part of our team. Being able to be accredited piano tutors by WKMT and all what that means.

    A huge offer to […]