Recording your piano gesture

Recording your piano gesture.

Recording your piano gesture.

Analysing the musical gesture with wkmt.

Have you ever heard about musical gesture? And even more, that gesture applied to when performing on the piano?

We make a reference to an article recently published at WKMT Blog, which helps to the piano lessons of his students by knowing more about different concepts of music. In this case, they treat the gestures.

First of all, what is a gesture?¬†Movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea. And how do we apply that to the performances on the piano? Well, an option would be by external gestures. The way your body reacts to the music or piece. What you feel or makes you feel. Something involuntary as a reaction to listening or performing a piece.¬† Most probably, when you have performed, you may have some gestures coming out from your body. Those gestures are personal and different from each others’. You may have been participating in a piano recording session and therefore your own gestures were recorded.

There is another type of gesture defined by the article called internal, which are the ones based on the piece. Something that it comes defined by the main composer of the piece. Something that it makes that piece unique and you could easily associate it with the composer.

This article, which you could find on the link above, gives plenty of information and details about the musical gesture. Other ideas are Duality and Temperament which are out of the main gestures.

Do not miss the chance of reading this great article written by Mark Dowling, a Senior piano teacher at the studio. Also, if you would like to record yourself through a piano piece(s) do not hesitate to contact us.