A New Recording Session with WKMT

WKMT Classical Concerts in London

Piano Recording Studio London welcomes this new year 2019.

How better way of welcoming the year than recording a new event? Well, that is what we are up to now. Thanks to WKMT London Piano Studio who has organised a new concert in London at the usual St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court London.

On January 26th, this coming Saturday, from 6.15 pm we will be in charge of recording a beautiful classical concert in which Baroque and Romantic eras of music are mixed in such a special way.

On the Baroque side, Avelino Vazquez, WKMT’s harpsichord teacher in London, will be actually playing on his own harpsichord Corelli pieces. Accompanied by his colleague Anthony Elward.

One the Romantic and XX Century side, we have Cristina Guerra and Alvaro Sisti performing a piano duo pieces of Schuman and Barber.

Book your tickets now and join us for a fabulous Saturday evening.