A new classical concert recording

A new classical concert recording.

A new classical concert recording.

We will be in charge of a great recording session at the new WKMT Classical concert.


WKMT gave us the chance to record its next classical concert at the magnificent St. Cuthbert’s church, in London. Every single month, WKMT organise a classical concert performed by its music teachers in order to provide them with great performances and listening skills.

In this case, Katarina Makevic, a senior piano teacher at WKMT, will be playing a lovely programme of her own choice for the members and non-members of the studio. On the 24th February in such an inspiring place, to create a wonderful atmosphere, while listening to a superb performance under the candle lights. You shouldn’t miss it out!

Piano Recording Studio will be there in charge of the recording of the concert as we always do. We had the pleasure to record her on the VI WKMT Music Festival in November last year. So we are back and she is back to create a wonderful classical concert.

We believe you would be interested in the programme, which is the one that follows:

  • Daniel Matej Fragile

  • Robert Schumann Piano Sonata op. 11 in f sharp minor. 

    Introduzione/Allegro Vivace/Aria/Scherzo e Intermezzo/Finale

  • Johannes Brahms Balladen op. 10 (See video below of last performance)

You can find all the details by clicking the link aforementioned, all the info and where to book your tickets too. We hope to welcome you all to the gorgeous church to enjoy a beautiful Saturday evening.

We also would like to share with you all the video we recorded of Miss Makevic at her performance on the WKMT Music Festival, and what will be an anticipation of what this concert will be about, with her great performance of Balladen op1o from J. Brahms.