Outstanding portfolio recordings at VII WKMT Music Festival

Outstanding portfolio recordings at VII WKMT Music Festival.

Outstanding portfolio recordings at VII WKMT Music Festival.

see piano performances BY some wkmt piano students.

VII WKMT Music Festival 12.05.2018

We are bringing back the last edition of the London music festivals by WKMT Piano studios. You must already know about the famous piano festival for students of WKMT and non-members. Celebrated every six months in the beautiful Pushkin House, in Fitzrovia, London.
We already mentioned our participation and motivating project: recording the whole event last 12th May. So we did. We put all our team and equipment at WKMT Disposal to record both audio and video. For this occasion, we counted on a new cameraman who was in charge of the video section, and the results are superb. And that’s why we mention this new article published at WKMT Blog and written by Juan Rezzuto. As Director and minder of these Piano Festivals for the pupils, he has highlighted some of the moments and performers who truly shined on stage.

The sound of the pieces is lovely, and that is mainly for the special equipment we used and, of course, the stunning Steinway & Sons grand piano of the music room of this beautiful house. Everything carried out as planned and expected. From here, we would like to thank all the students who took part on this edition, all the guests who came to enjoy of these emotional performances and everyone for the patience they had on us while we were recording and setting up before, during and right afterward every single performance. They all made the day, and of course, they are the main characters of this edition.

You can read now the full article and watch what we are talking about, and enjoy beautiful an powerful performances of some of the students of pieces by Rachmaninoff, Chopin, and Ludovico Eunadi among others. Click on the link aforementioned and access to this beautiful words of Juan Rezzuto to all his students at WKMT.

We are now really looking forward to recording the next Classical concert in London, again by WKMT and played by Juan Rezzuto. See our previous post to have all the information. Haydn Piano Concertos happening in London on the 29th September with WKMT London Orchestra. We will be recording the entire concert as we did last 24th March on Juan’s first concert of the year 2018.

Stay in touch for many more events and news coming soon this Summer for the next term!