An exciting Piano Recording Event

An exciting Piano Recording Event.

An exciting Piano Recording Event.

a new filming opportunity for London Piano recording studio.


We are so proud of finally releasing what is our next piano recording session in London. Thanks to WKMT London Piano studio and its new edition of Music Festivals.

In November 17th 2018 we all have a date. The perfect event to be recorded, in which you could find music art, exhibition and people, all around a fine food catering with also some drinks to refresh all the guests.

It is the 8th edition of these famous festivals organised by the famous piano studio, and therefore it is also our 8th recording session of these events, as we are always in charge of it. We aim you all to check WKMT’S Youtube channel where you could see the previous events trailers as well as beautiful performances of its students. We also post here the video of the VII Edition we recorded in May 2018.

So well, here we are again in charge of recording the whole event as well as the performance of more than eighty students along the day. As per our experience, it is such a beautiful event full of emotions and passion. Either from the students as they need to push all the knowledge onto the piano and from the relatives and friends getting moved with the performances of the students.

In case you are in London and free that day, do not miss to pass by and have a look at the unique idea of the whole event created by WKMT. It is such an experience in itself that will make you interested in the piano and being part of it in the next event. You can find all the info and details by clicking on the link aforementioned.

Ps. Do not forget to come over to the concert on the 13th October by Juan Rezzuto playing Haydn. A concert we will record too.