Recording a Baroque performance in London

Baroque Concert

Piano Recording Studio London invites you all to a new special experience in London. WKMT Piano lessons London has just organised a new Baroque programme for this 27th of April as part of its monthly classical concert editions.

Obviously, and thankful for this, we are in charge of the recording of the whole concert, and indeed, it is such a special occasion. Why? Well, it is the first time for us in which we will be entirely in charge of a professional recording of mainly Baroque pieces. Particularly, this concert means such a great challenge as the Baroque music is played on a harpsichord, rather on a piano as usual we do.

This little and cute Italian harpsichord available in St Cuthbert’s church, owned by the harpsichordist Avelino Vazquez, has a lower and softer sound compared to the piano, and the set up it is different than on the piano. Basically, we should use other mics and place them in a different position, out of the instrument. Remember on the piano, the mics are attached to the inner structure, close to the strings. In this case, there is no place to attach the mics, so we should place it on a tripod facing the centre of the instrument, where the “roseton” is.

We also need to make the set up for the strings trio: two violins and a cello, as well as a Soprano who will be singing beautiful Arias accompanied by the full ensemble.

Indeed, such a beautiful repertoire and performance, we are sure of it. So if you are looking for an event such as this in London, do not hesitate to join us on the 27th from 7.00 pm. For all the details, click on the link aforementioned. You will fall in love with Baroque music, in case you haven’t yet.