The new Music Festival is almost here


Piano Recording Studio London proudly releases the new date of a fantastic performing and recording opportunity in London this June.

As you might be aware of, we are happy sponsors of WKMT Music Festivals. Editions happening twice a year in which we give the opportunity to several piano students to show what they are able to play. Professional performances on a stunning Yamaha Grand piano CFX, in a listed venue, for a fabulous audience. Drinks and food catering is also always provided along with the festival to all the guests and performers.

A truly joyful date in which music and passion gather together to make a beautiful event-day. Piano students of all levels and ages will have their chance to shine on stage for a day. For their colleagues, friends, parents and the rest of the audience.

We truly love these editions organised the famous London Piano Studio WKMT, as it means a lot for all the students and their relatives for being able to participate and attend to this show in which education and love are the main engines.

Here below you could watch the trailer we made from the previous festival VIII Edition last November. Thanks to the enormous success we all got in that Festival, we had to chose a different location. Bigger venue, more spaces and muuuuuch better piano. Sorry for the lack of grammar in the latter, but we must confess that the new piano in the new venue is such a powerful machine. We are sure everyone will love to perform on it.

We are now arranging all needed for this edition. June 15th the entire day in St Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court London. We all have a date. So do not hesitate to join us, either as a performer or guest. You can find more details by clicking on the link aforementioned.

WKMT Festival 17.11.2018

Remember that every year, WKMT organises such events. Join themto fully understand what perform means in front of the audience. Our sound engineer, Tom Rickerby, has recently written an article for the studio in order to make all the students aware of some great and helpful tips on how to perform live if it is your first time.