Music Technology: MIDI KEYBOARDS

Nowadays, and more than ever, musicians have to keep up with rapid changes in technology. If we compare technology to 5 years ago, the number of new gadgets and devices is mesmerising.

MIDI Keyboards are especially useful for piano students who may not have a piano to practice during the lock-down. Many piano teachers and their students have to carry on their lessons remotely.

MIDI keyboards are also useful for composers and music producers as they allow input notes and creating their music virtually.

Within the virtual keyboards, we have many available that can quickly adapt their capabilities to different musical needs.

The virtual keyboards come in different forms:

  • A touch- screen keyboard that lays out on the device’s screen
  • A Projected Keyboard (can be projected to any flat surface)
  • On Augmented Reality

One of the best tools for pianists and composer is the virtual keyboard: A virtual Keyboard can also work as a piano that is operated by a computer and signal flow. It works as an acoustic piano. However, instead of operating on the acoustic ambience, it works electronically.

You can also find apps which allow practising or creating music from a mobile phone or tablet; this is especially handy for trips or holidays.

Another virtual keyboard is the VST that has been in the music production world for many years now. It is an audio plugin software that works as a virtual keyboard; it is mainly used by composers because its components allow the user to change and edit the sound.

Another useful virtual keyboard is the MIDI keyboard that started on the 80’s and now is the most common tool for music producers to introduce the notes accurately, including dynamics and articulation in any music editing software.

Other keyboards are related to DAW, but in this case, is a pure sound signal instead.

Learn all about the different Online keyboards by clicking on the link aforementioned. WKMT explain it in depth for us!