A New Way to Record Classical Music

A New Way to Record Classical Music


Hi everyone, we are back with exciting news!

The link above talks about our next project in London. Well, no London exactly, because due to this Coronavirus situation, everything moved onto online ways. And now, everyone is around the globe, but we still remain close to what we love and what we know.

Challenging times for everyone. Times in which we need to stand stronger than ever, and continue doing all the things we love. Obviously the way for many of them changed, via online, but still we can enjoy the same outcome. We had to get used to the online process, and leave face to face ways, which is not easy, but we have no choice for the time being. Also it means a lot for professionals to count on the usual students/clients, even more right now. Tough times that we need to get on in order to be able to continue with our daily routine and lives. So thank you from our team to all those who remained via online. You mean a lot to us, and for sure, to all professionals who helped you and you helped during this pandemic.

This time, we bring an example of this help. WKMT Has organized their next edition of Piano Festivals, which used to be in a London music venue, but obviously. due to these circumstances, they will do it online as they did in June this year.

So this time, we would like to offer our help to the team and be able to host on Zoom the full recitals and record it to publish it later. WKMT kept all their staff employed during Covid-19, that way they could get on with their work and students could keep up with their piano studies. And the final aim is the festival that way they can put in practice what the learnt during these last months. So there we will be too, helping each other is the best way to fight this virus’ consequences.

Watch them playing online on the link aforementioned on the 28.11.2020 from 4pm.