Supporting our Glasgow colleagues

This URL above is the new website launched by WKMT for its studios in the Scottish land.

WKMT London Piano Studios has now landed in Glasgow with one intention: Recruiting piano tutors and make them part of our team. Being able to be accredited piano tutors by WKMT and all what that means.

A huge offer to performing activities to improve their portfolio, musical events to attend to as part of the team in London and Glasgow, organising musical events in the Scottish capital, being the main leaders in the town as well as the image of WKMT over there.

Also they will be invited to the piano masterclasses organised, and our Scaramuzza piano technique meetups in which they will learn the proper technique we always teach our students.

For this and more, this website will be the main platform to which all piano tutors could subscribe and join from now on.

In case you would like to get access to more students in your area, while belonging to a team of professionals and experienced team in London for more than ten years, with all they have to offer to you, do not hesitate to contact them and start your adventure with WKMT.

On our side, as a leader piano recording studio in London, we will be in charge of recording performances of these new subscribers and members of the team, as well as being in Glasgow once the festivals and concerts are finally organised and we can record them all.

On another note, during this Covid-19, in case you are under lockdown looking for something to spend your precious time on, do not hesitate to start learning piano online.