Learn how to get the best out of your next recording session

Top 10 Tips for Recording Piano

Piano Recording Studio London brings a new post which has been recently published on WKMT Blog. In which you will learn the top tips for your next grand piano recording session.

Thomas Rickerby, our Sound Engineer and Music Producer

The person in charge of the main events in which we take part, and also the ones organised by WKMT London piano studios. The person in charge of the audio recording and set-up of the recording sessions, either in the studios and in the venues where we record.

He has written from his own perspective for all those students of advanced level and professional who are planning to record themselves on a grand piano.

People who never had the chance to be recorded for them to better understand how it works and what they should do and know beforehand.

Written for all those new on this matter

When you book a recording session in London you book for the venue or studio, as well as the professionals who are in charge.

It is not usually very easy to afford in terms of prices and budget, so it would be better for you to have it all ready beforehand and go to the recording knowing how it works and what to do.

That way, you would get the best out of your performance for your recording. Obviously you will have time to repeat sections and passages until you get them the way you like, but being confident with the process and the way you should work on it, it would help you to go through in a successful and easier way.

Focusing on playing the piece (s) properly, and not being distracted with other tasks.

This way you can organize yourself before the session, with the right procedures and practice, and play the piece or pieces the best way possible.

Clicking on the link aforementioned…

With the real title of the full article, you will access to it that way you could understand his ideas and the tips listed from one to ten. You will also be able to watch some videos recorded by ourselves at WKMT Studios.

Overall, try to relax and enjoy the moment!

Haydn piano concerto Hob XVIII 4 played by Juan Rezzuto in London in 2019
Recorded by us, audio and video