Upcoming projects in London

This year 2020 is being, by far, the most difficult year for the musicians community. Covid-19 hit Europe, and with it, hit us as well quite hard.

Musicians along Europe are trying to get on doing online lessons, which is quite fine. There is always a way to go on, while we do what we like.

However, for piano recording sessions and music production services, online way is not possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide our services, and keep on going with our scheduled activities any longer. At least until this situation gets sorted.

Piano Recording sessions need, indeed, to be in site. So we are now working on promotion, advertisement as well as organizing new activities for when this is over. Hopefully, this should be back to normal by the end of May, so we are very looking forward to it.

In the meantime, we have breaking news!

Joseph Haydn piano concerto in London by WKMT

WKMT is now preparing their first classical concert of the year 2020 for their musicians and students. And we will be in charge of the recording session.

Maestro Juan Rezzuto and the group of musicians at WKMT (LAO) will be the ones making us enjoy this beautiful music ever written by the genius Haydn.

Hopefully, by then, October 3rd, we are all back to normal again, and we can, indeed, go ahead with the concert. This concert is a signal of hope, and ray of light at the end of the tunel for us all.

So, that is what we are into now. Preparing the ultimate equipment and some new stuff to make the best out of this recording concert.

Do not hesitate to book your tickets and tell the team at WKMT you come from us and they will do a special discount.