A new recording project with West Kensington Music Team

Music recitals in London

London Recording Studio has a new project this Autumn edition.

WKMT, the famous studio for piano lessons in London, has just released the next edition of their bi-annual music festivals. For all those who usually read our posts, must be already aware of them. For the new ones, well, WKMT organises music recitals only performed by students. Students from all levels and ages are gathered together to show on the stage of St Cuthbert’s what they learned so far. Presenting their skills in piano performance.

These editions are part of a complete music learning programme cautiously elaborated by Maestro Juan Rezzuto, founder and director of the studio.

For him, there is no full learning process if it doesn’t include a performance in front of the audience. Because at the end of the day we can just memorise a piece and play it for ourselves and teachers. But how does it feel performing it in front of an audience? Are they able to manage the stress and nerves while playing the piece flawlessly?

The below should be part of the learning process of any musical instrument, as there some essential skills within that experience that are only developed when performing in public. Indeed, it sounds terrific, but you should do it in order to progress properly on your musical instrument. In Argentina and Spain, as well as Italy, there is no other option than just performing at least once in a year in order to submit a completed study plan.

So, if this is your case, that you are learning but you are still missing that part of the process, do not hesitate and contact WKMT using the link aforementioned. They will have an allowance for non-members of the studio to make them part of it too. So go for it!

It will be an event that you won’t forget. You could bring family and friends too to bring them to your experience. We will also be there to record the whole event and performances professionally, so get dressed properly and start putting the piece together!