Recording Mozart and Joseph Haydn famous concertos

Classical concerts by WKMT

Dear followers, this is a note to let you know that this concert has been cancelled. As we are going through crowd-avoidance due to the coronavirus, we decided to cancel this concert until further notice.

We will let you know as soon as we organize the next date.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

PRSL Team,

Piano Recording Studio London has been called to record a new concert in March 2020. The first project in the new year 2020.

From 6.30 pm, in the usual WKMT concert venue, St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court, London.

We are still recovering from the Music Festival that happened on 23rd November 2019 by WKMT. In which all the students will be performing their best pieces in front of the audience. It was such a success since it was only for selected students, and they managed to fit fifty performers in the programme.

It was indeed a great experience as always. In case you haven’t been in any before, it is the busiest event for the studio. This is part of the famous piano programme proposed by the famous studio for their students taking piano lessons for beginners and advanced level too. It is such a great opportunity for all those willing to play in front of an audience, and experience what it really means, what you can really feel when playing for someone or in an event such as this. It is an experience that you will never forget.

But we are here to talk about a different matter. About a great music event happening in London on March 28th. So well, there we will be. We will be in the same place thanks to the piano studio which allows us to do what we love.

What is the concert?

Well, this time, they have designed such an interesting programme in which Haydn and Mozart will be “gathered”.

  • W.A. Mozart – Violin concerto Number 1

Paola Delucchi + WKMT Ensemble

  • J. Haydn – Piano concerto Number 7 from Hoboken XVIII

Juan Rezzuto + WKMT Ensemble

It looks like a very interesting programme since two of the most famous concerts by these two Maestros will be played for the audience. Also, these two professional musicians won’t disappoint us at all. We are sure of it.

We are now working in the mixing and edition of the last concert of Juan Rezzuto and Paola Delucchi, the famous double piano and violin concerto of Joseph Haydn too.

Such a beautiful concert played by a first violin, the piano, plus three more violins, one cello, one viola and one double bass. It sounded absolutely pretty. Can’t wait to post it to make you all witness of it.

In case you are looking for a classical concert beginning of 2020, do not hesitate and join us on the 28th. You will fall in love with this concert.