“Rain on Me” Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. A closer look


Piano and Music Production students enjoy immensely discovering new music through composers of Classical, Baroque and Romantic period as this is music that they mostly haven’t had any prior contact. Still, at the same time, there is lots of current music they like, and sometimes this takes them to enquiry about it, about “how is made”, about the musical aspect of it. 

As music tutors, we are not qualified to bring any answers to them as our training is through music from a bygone era. 

Even though the expression of this music is very distant from a Mozart Sonata or a Beethoven’s rondeau, the connection that can provide with music is useful for our students.

To fulfil our student’s expectations regarding the making and the “behind the scenes” of new music, nobody is better than our Music Production teacher and Sound Engineer at Piano Recording Studios London: Tom Rickerby.

He has thoroughly made a complete analysis of the song “Rain”, performed firstly by Lady Gaga and later by the great singer, Ariana Grande.

In his article he goes step by step, explaining every single layer of the song, explaining in detail the effects applied either to the vocals and the instruments as well, showing a great craft from the part of the producers of this song.

Another important aspect is to detect the form of this music, as we tend to enjoy the rhythm or the lyrics, but unveiling the structure also helps to develop an acute musical ear that can be applied to any music we like.

To penetrate the inner layers of the music gives us a deeper understanding of the whole meaning of the song, not only focusing our attention to the catchy chorus or the rhythmic bassline, there much more things to pay attention to in one single track as in a Symphony. After all, is all music!

Read the full analysis. This is specially designed for those interested in how music works, from music production perspective. Do not miss this series of articles with WKMT.